What time can we expect you to arrive on the night?

We require 45mins to 1 hour to set up, so we arrive just over an hour before our performance is due to start, link in with the venue manager and await entry. We don't require a sound check as such but it is helpful if the room is empty (aside from staff) as we run a piece of technology, which generates unpleasant feedback for a minute in order to calibrate the PA system.

Will you learn our first dance?

Yes, we learn one song per customer and we require 4 weeks’ notice of the first dance. This is so we can arrange suitable time to rehearse your dance and all the other requests from other customers.
Alternatively, we can play your first dance from MP3 if you would prefer it.

Can we choose the set list?

The band hold full discretion over the music we play on the night. We work from a tried and tested set, which caters for all genres, we watch your guests and respond to their actions to ensure they are on their feet. By all means visit our song list to get an idea of the songs we play and have played in the past and let us know your favourites and we will do our best to get them in there.

When is the final balance to be paid?

We request that the bandleader is paid in cash on the night before we start. If we can request that the balance includes some 10’s and 20’s that will help the bandleader pay the rest of the band on the night.

What kinds of equipment do you use and how loud do you play?

We are a self-contained 6 piece band, so we only require power sockets. We consist of Drums, Keyboard, Saxophone, Bass, Guitar and two singers, we bring a full PA system that caters to a venue that holds up to 300 people, so volume is never a concern, we play to the dance floor so everyone can still talk and your guests are not deaf by the end of our performance. We also bring lights, which are adequate to light the band and the dance floor.

For marquee set ups- we require adequate 13amp power within 5 metres of the stage. If you are hiring in a stage, we need a stage with minimum dimensions of 24ft wide by 12ft deep.

Can you play ceilidh music?

We can supply a small ceilidh section and give instructions to your guests. We can provide the traditional Dashing white Sergeant, Gay Gordons etc. We work from an iPod in our Scottish section to ensure that a traditional atmosphere is created and we recommend doing this before the buffet so your guests can get a chance to catch their breath. We also can provide a live accordion player if you wish to have live ceilidh. Please be advised, there is an extra fee for this service.

When do you take your breaks?

Generally we get booked from 8 till 12, we start at 8 and play till the buffet, which normally is 9.30, we take our break when the buffet arrives and hit the stage again at around 10.10 till 12. We may take a small 10 minute break later in the night as we have found 90 minutes of live music is all people want to hear in one sitting. We are however happy to tailor our break to fit the night if times are different.

Will the band expect food and drinks?

No. We don’t expect this at all, however I have never heard any of the band say no if we are invited to join the buffet!

When the band is not playing will there be music?

Yes, we ensure that from the moment we arrive till the end there will always be music playing, during the buffet we play music that is a little more relaxed. Some of our clients like to bring their own iPod and plug it into our system at the breaks but if not, we have it all covered. We can also provide a DJ set until 1am. This includes an extra fee if this is something you wish to include.

Does the band have PAT certificates and public liability insurance?